Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nokia 6600 Slide T Network – Simple And Sleek Slider Phone

Due to innovative wireless technology, communication has become faster and easier. Nowadays, one can easily connect worldwide through fast-paced networks. Nowadays, Nokia handsets have been gaining more and more positive reviews through its instant communication features. Nokia 6600 Slide T Network is one of the fabulous devices which come with stylish slider design and attractive features. The connectivity of T network with this gadget has made it more eye-catching among the users.

Nokia 6600 Slide with T network is a slim, sleek and gorgeous handset and also available in black colour. It weighs 110 grams only and has 2.2 inches touchscreen of 240 x 320 pixels of colour resolution. You can view text, pictures and videos with clarity through its large display. With the incorporation of 3.2 megapixel camera, it lets users to have fun by capturing ultimate pictures and images. It also incorporates various messaging services such as instant messaging, SMS, MMS and e-mailing.

The Bluetooth and USB enhancement of Nokia 6600 Slide with T Network is unbelievable. You can share many files and documents from this gadget to other compatible devices. Through the multiplayer and FM Radio, user can enjoy listening to exclusive as well as old versions of songs. This handset also integrates a high-speed internet capability which enables you to download or access large number of files quickly. The major feature of this handset is that it is loaded with up to 340 hours battery back up that allows you to stay connected for long hours. By opting for this gadget, user can also avail up to 340 hours talk of time for more chatting. If you are willing to buy it now, you can visit number of online site and then buy it immediately.

Samsung M8800 – The ultimate mobile phone

The Samsung M8800 is another handset that would provide users with the ultimate mobile phone satisfaction.

Here are the different features of this mobile phone:

It measures one hundred and seven mm high by fifty four mm wide by thirteen mm deep, and only weighs one hundred and twenty one grams.It comes with an accelerometer sensor for auto rotate, so users would be able to view the screen either in vertical mode, or horizontal mode. The Samsung M8800 also features a huge 3.5 inch TFT resistive touch screen that can display up to 256K colours, and has a display resolution of 240pixels by 400pixels.Users can also choose to download their own type of ring tones, which would suit their needs; it may be an MP3 format ring tone or a polyphonic format ring tone.

This handset comes with two hundred megabytes of internal memory and users may further increase this to up to sixteen gigabytes of memory storage, via the expandable memory card slot.In the phonebook users would be able to save up to one thousand names with photo call features.The Samsung M8800 comes with EDGE technology for users to be able to experience high speed data transfers.One amazing feature of this handset is the eight megapixel camera that comes with complete features, which would ensure users that any pictures or videos taken from this mobile phone, would be of great quality. It has LED flash, auto focus and geo tagging features.

This handset also comes with a secondary VGA camera that would allow users to have 3G video alls.It also comes with a built in music player with DNSE so users are guaranteed that they would be able to experience high quality music.The Samsung M8800 also has amazing pre downloaded JAVA games that users would surely enjoy and they can also download their own games that would suit their needs.Aside from the music player, This Samsung phone also has a built in FM radio for users to be able listen to different radio stations.

Reverse Cell Look Up- Quick Way To Get Information On Any Cell Phone Number

For those of you that are in need of information relating to a cell number, using a reverse cell look up might be the way to go. You can gain assistance for putting a halt to prank calls, a spouse that may be cheating, or perhaps even a stalker. This article will give you information on the greatest way to do a reverse cellphone look up.

This way, you will be able to learn the information you need, on any cell phone number.

Before you can begin a reverse cell look up, you must discover a good directory that allows for a reverse search cell phone number lookup. In a little bit, I will show you one method that works. There are directories online that are free of charge. Unfortunately, you will will not be able to use them however.

The reason is because they cannot get information on any cell number out there. They are able to only gain information from numbers that are listed. Be wary however, since sometimes the information that you get isn't always right. In light of this, your best and greatest option, is to pay for the services of a reverse look up directory.

The information they give is completely accurate, and they charge only a small fee for the service. You can also get lots of details that are private about the number. This makes it even more appealing, and worth the money it costs.

All that has to be done, is when you are at the site, enter in the entire ten digit cell phone number, making sure to put in the area code, and then click the 'search now' button. After that, you will get all of the information you seek on the mobile number via the directory.